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Piling up five thousand cell phones in Otto Technologies’ warehouse would cost Pei Qian twenty million yuan. Of course, if he managed to sell them all... he would be in a worse state than he was now.

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Apart from all of these, Pei Qian still had an ultimate killer move—the Thriller Hostel project!

Thriller Hostel could be delayed until the next cycle. A place like that was considered a bottomless pit for money. It would probably have no problem eating up all twenty million yuan.

Still, unless he absolutely had to, Pei Qian did not want to throw more money into Thriller Hostel.

If he invested more money, the place would become scarier, the experience would become more exciting, and the surrounding facilities would be perfected sooner. At the end of the day, the project might not be able to incur losses.

Thus, giving Lu Mingliang more money to open Upwind Courier stations and expand Fish-Catching Complex’s reach throughout Lincheng would be his best option.

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Then, he would channel the remaining funds to Otto Technologies and ask Chang You to store more stocks in the warehouse...

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Just as Pei Qian was deep in thought, his cell phone rang again. This time, it was Ma Yiqun. Pei Qian frowned and accepted the call at once.

“Boss Pei, there’s an additional five million yuan in Zhongdian Chinese Network’s company account. I’ve already transferred it over to you!” Ma Yiqun’s voice had a hint of pride.

Pei Qian’s mind was filled with question marks.

After two seconds, he asked, “When did this happen?”

Ma Yiqun answered, “Just two days ago.

“We’ve been settling the previous month’s royalties, right? After receiving February’s income and after dealing with the company’s matters, I asked the finance department to transfer the money to you!”

Pei Qian’s expression darkened, and he frowned. “Didn’t I tell you to spend all that money on your own? The authors’ class requires funding now. Why are you transferring the money back to me?” Ma Yiqun was stunned. “The authors’ class has enough funding. “Don’t worry, Boss Pei. The five million yuan is not all of last month’s profit. I’ve already deducted the website’s daily operating expenses, transaction fees, funds for supplementing authors’ income, and expenses for the authors’ class. I’ve even set aside a sum of money for other uses. This is what’s left.

“We’ve also maximized benefits for those attending the authors’ class. I don’t know where else to spend this money, and so I’m handing it up to you.

“I heard that Otto Ei is lacking funds now. If we hand this sum of money to them, they should be able to put it to good use!”

Pei Qian was speechless.