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Even so, he was still not satisfied.

This sudden splurge of money was not enough!

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He could sense that compared to normal days, the system was more relaxed on him spending System Funds today.

It was as though the restrictions of the system were situational. Each time he spent System Funds using a different reason, the max amount he could splurge was different too.

Take the previous time for example, when Pei Qian used the excuse of the Guangzhou learning exchange, they could spend money based on business expenditures.

This time round, with the celebration of Ocean Stronghold’s development as a reason, the choices they had for their meal gatherings and activities was greater too.

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If it was any normal gathering, the limit for the buffet would be around 200 per pax; anymore and the system would ring a warning.

But this time round, because of the solid reason Pei Qian had, the system did not even make a peep when they chose a buffet costing 400 per pax!

Pei Qian gathered that the standards of the system were situational rather than rigid.

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That was a good thing because it meant that Pei Qian would have a greater reign of freedom in the way he chooses to spend the System Funds in the future.

But of course, System Funds were still limited to company affairs rather than personal expenditure.

Even though he was already trying his best to spend money, Pei Qian still felt that it was a feeble attempt.

Take today’s expenditure for example. They had spent less than 30,000 in total. That was not what he had expected!

But, it was fine. He had more time to continue spending money since there was still a week to go before settlement!

Even though Pei Qian was indifferent for the cohesion, it was different for the rest.

It was especially so for Ma Yang, Bao Xu and Huang Sibo. As the cohesion went on, they found themselves being marveled by everything!

For a movie, they booked an entire VIP IMAX theater to watch the latest show in 3D! How awesome was that!