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The students of Class C who were always one of the first out the door do not seem to be leaving yet while Class A, always the first to leave, did so as usual. However, it seems Machida and Karuizawa are busy exchanging their contact numbers with each other and making arrangements to contact each other. Then Yukimura and Sotomura got up to leave. "Let's go back, Ayanokouji you're leaving too right?". "Yeah". And at the same time, Karuizawa also stands to leave while talking to someone on the phone, seemingly chatting about something interesting. And as she leaves, the three girls from Class C also pass through us to follow her.

"Those three girls. Don't they seem a bit strange to you?". Yukimura seemed to have noticed somethign unusual about them and looked at me with a worried face. "Do you believe so? I have not noticed anything" Sotomura replies to him in a crazy tone of voice. Leaving aside Sotomura's opinion, Yukimura's intuition is correct. It seems the Class C girls are storing up quite a bit of anger in them as well. Yukimura and I slightly peak out of the room into the corridor outside. And we saw the three girls chasing Karuizawa swiftly in the corridor. I would rather not follow them alone. And Ibuki, who also seem to be disinterested in Karuizawa, is not there. "Might be a personal quarrel between them?" Yukimura looked at me as if to ask what to do.

"Let's follow them. It might not end up in violence but it might cause a bit of uproar". "Damn that Karuizawa, always doing things that makes people hate her...even though I wanted to find the "target" myself". While Sotomura left to return to his room, Yukimura and I quickly followed the four girls quietly.

As I reached a corner, I heard the sound of a door slamming shut and saw the entrance to the emergency stairs closing. But there was no reason to use the emergency stairs unless the elevators were broken, which meant something else is happening here. "Hey, what're you doing bringing me to a place like this?". I quietly opened the door to the emergency staircase and heard a voice from inside. "Don't play dumb with us, you pushed Rika right? Start talking". "...w-w-why. Why are you accusing me? I told you you've got the wrong person didn't I?". The three girls then closed in on Karuizawa and drove her back to the wall as if to prevent her from escaping. But even in a situation like that, Karuizawa continued to deny the accusations without apologizing. Is it really not her then?. "I have something to do now, would you mind moving aside?".

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"Then let me confirm it now. I'm going to call Rika now. If it's really not you, then I'll forgive you". "I don't know what you're talking about, I'll call the teachers". "What are you going to tell the teachers? It's not like we're using violence on you right now. If you tell them, we could also tell them you pushed Rika and make it a problem for you too". It seems like they have no intention of backing down as they grabbed Karuizawa's arms as she tried to escape and pushed her back towards the wall.

One of the girls then began using her phone to contact the girl named Rika. "W-wait a minute". Once she realized the situation was that serious, Karuizawa tried to stop them from making the call. "Why are you in such a hurry?". "...I just remembered. I accidentally bumped into that girl" Karuizawa quickly tells them. "You filthy liar, you remembered her from the start didn't you? I don't care either way, but you're going to apologize to Rika?". "No. She's the one in the wrong. She's an airheaded girl". I thought Karuizawa would accept responsibility for it, but it seems she's as headstrong as ever. Despite knowing she would rile the Class C girls up even more she still said those words.

"She's really pissing me off. I was even thinking about forgiving her for her actions earlier if she apologized to Rika. Never mind, I'm not forgiving her now". And with that, she pushed Karuizawa's shoulder with the palm of her hand. "You weren't going to forgive her anyway from the start...right?". It was a girl named Yamashita who had always followed behind Manabe until now, that said that. "Shiho-chan, I can't hold back anymore. I really won't forgive Karuizawa". "I know right? I'm sure Rika shares the same feelings as you. Let's seriously bully her".

This time, with more force, she hit Karuizawa's shoulder with her palm again. Yukimura tried to open the door quickly, but I grabbed his arm and stopped him. Even if we stopped this now, Karuizawa will inevitably be assaulted again in the future. But allowing them to use violence to their heart's content right now will serve as a deterrent for them in the future. And depending on the degree of violence, it might even be possible to threaten them with contacting the school. And most importantly, right now Karuizawa Kei's existence is about to change.

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"Ha...haaa". Karuizawa seemed to be having trouble breathing. Or perhaps she seems to be in pain. But she grabbed her head with both hands. But the sight of her suffering, instead of evoking empathy, brought forth more anger from Manabe and the other girls. "Even if you act all feminine like that I won't forgive you anymore". She then grabbed Karuizawa's hair and forcefully raised her head. "I always hated Karuizawa's face, don't you think she's really ugly?". "I know right? Do you want to cut up that face of hers?" one of the girls asked.

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"S-s-stop". "S-stop, she's saying. What happened to that determination you had a while ago?". It would seem the more you hate your enemy, the more you seek to attack their advantages. If we're only talking about beauty, there's no doubt that Karuizawa is the better one. But it seems Manabe, Yamashita and Yabu won't be satisfied until they deny Karuizawa's appearance like that. After shaking silently, Karuizawa became unable to move. There was no longer any trace of the usual her to be seen right now. The true nature of a person always comes out in a dilemma like this. A little more of this and soon I'll be able to see and know more of Karuizawa Kei.

But it seems Yukimura's sense of justice had kicked in, as he seems to be unable to hold it anymore. He then quickly opened the door with force and surprised the three girls inside. On the other hand, as though she had been saved, Karuizawa looked at Yukimura with a face of relief. "What are you doing?". "W-w-w-w-what? I was just talking with Karuizawa-san, right?". Manabe looked at Karuizawa with a threatening expression as if daring her to say a word, but Karuizawa isn't the sort of person to be intimidated by just that.

"Hey Yukimura-kun, do something. They abducted me violently out of the blue and started pushing me around. They're the worst right? They were annoying so I told them to leave me alone but". Normally Karuizawa would never care about Yukimura, but she's probably grateful to him now that he's appeared here to save her. Her face seemed to convey her relief. But Class C seemed to be hatefully glaring at Yukimura. Almost like saying this has nothing to do with Yukimura. "I'm just helping Rika with her Karuizawa problem. Since you came here you must have also heard the story right". "...I think you should let it go. If they just accidentally bumped into each other, it's not like Karuizawa's at fault you know". Yukimura had no choice but to answer like that.

"You shut up. This has nothing to do with you". ".....". Since he got told to shut up by the Class C girls, this time Yukimura had no choice but to obediently shut up. Karuizawa then started to look at Yukimura as if looking at a pathetic man while I slowly took out my phone quietly.

"Just leave me alone already. Otherwise I'll call for someone" Karuizawa tells them. "Call? Call who? Hirata-kun? Machida-kun? Or perhaps a prostitute like you can call as many men as you like". It is said that a fight between women is dirty, and cannot be resolved easily through violence like a man's conflict. As someone who had gotten himself involved in this, I found it painful to both look at and hear. "There was a teacher that passed by earlier, I think it's best if you left". Having no other choice, I stepped in and said those words to break the fight up. I'm sure Class C also does not wish to cause a scene here.