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He's already probably narrowed down his targets to a select few that includes me as well. If I do one more decisive thing, I think he may even narrow it down to me. And the person who holds that one decisive thing is 'Karuizawa Kei'.

But the fact that he's not acting lightly is proof that he's given it careful thought. Even if he tries to ask Karuizawa about my existence, doing so upfront won't get him anywhere.

Now then, I wonder how Ryuuen's going to fill in that last piece of the puzzle. Looking at the pattern of his movements up until now, it's not that difficult to imagine.

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The question is 'when' that's going to happen. While I thought about that, Akito and the others continued their conversation. Keisei then draws his conclusion as to why Class C is disturbing us.

"Don't you think it has something to do with Class D's growth? We ended up with 0 points not too long after enrolling yet here we are, almost close enough to scratch Class C's back. There's also the results of Paper Shuffle to consider, so we may actually end up becoming Class C by the time the 3rd semester rolls around. They must be panicking".

Keisei tries to rationally guess the reason behind Class C's actions.

"Now that you mention it, that's right. They're about to be overtaken by the very people they mocked---".

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"But...we wouldn't have overtaken them, right?".

Airi, recalling the announcement of the class points, asked that but Keisei then replied.

"Yeah. The class points announced at the start of December were 262 points for Class D and 542 points for Class C. There's still a 280 point gap between us".

During Paper Shuffle, we fought directly against Class C and triumphed. As a result, we managed to boost our class points brilliantly. 100 points from Class C moved to Class D and we gained a total of 200 points.

The gap is now a measly 80 points.

Still, Class C is in the lead at this stage. However---an accident completely unrelated to the exams happened to Class C.

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"It seems Class C committed a serious rule violation. They didn't announce the details of it but they got hit by a severe penalty, having 100 points taken from them".

The other day, I remember receiving a general explanation of it from the school.

"I wonder what exactly they did to cause this huge fuss. It's really a very Class C-ish thing to do though".

Haruka said exasperatedly but unfortunately enough, Class D can't afford to be laughing at other classes. Despite the exam, we lost 1000 class points a month after enrolling.

"Regardless of the reason, the effect of their self-destruction is significant. If things end just like this then after the winter vacation there's a high possibility we'll be promoted to Class C".