Law of making money online

Law of making money online

Manager Lawrence nodded once more. “Please go on. As long as the request does not cross the line, I’m sure it can be negotiated.”

“She can only offer me suggestions when I ask her for it. Under other circumstances, no matter what happens, she must remain silent and not question overly,” Pei Qian said.

Manager Lawrence smiled. “That’s of course. Even if you did not mention it, that’s one of the professional requirements of being an assistant.”

Three days later, Monday.

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A Cayenne came to a stop at the lobby of the most luxurious office building in Jingzhou City – Shenhua View.

“Boss Pei, we’ve arrived.”

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Xin Hailu opened the car door for Pei Qian and led him to the office building ahead.

Thanks to the headhunting firm, Xin Hailu was officially the third employee of Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd. – the president’s assistant.

Xin Hailu was the standard successful woman of the corporate world. With immaculate features and class, even her figure which was hidden beneath her blouse and business skirt was impeccable.

In every single aspect, this was the perfect candidate that Pei Qian wanted.

Educated with class and fluent in three foreign languages, she was beautiful and elegant with a poised manner of speaking. She knew her way around people and handled things with patience while attending to business with restrain without asking anymore than she had to.

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They had only spent a couple of days together and already, Pei Qian had a feeling...

Reliable! Efficient!

Pei Qian did not hesitate at all as he poached her over with a 30%!o(MISSING)ver her initial salary, fixing it at slightly over 30,000 per month.

This was 2009 and most of the graduates from Handong University were fighting to obtain a salary of 3,000 monthly.