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I could tell from the way Ishizaki spoke that he had tried to persuade her many times, but had failed.

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“Give me some time. I think I have an idea.”

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“Seriously? Sorry about dumping this on you so early in the morning!”

I told Ishizaki that I would call him later, and then hung up.

Then I decided to try and contact someone who might group up with Ibuki.

Fortunately, that person hadn’t left the dormitory yet, so I decided to meet her in the lobby.

In the elevator after mine was Horikita, the person I was waiting to meet.

Horikita was also one of the few students who, even now, didn’t seem like they were about to group.

“What are you going to do about your group?”

“It’s too late to bring that up. Anyway, I’m not going to group up with anyone this time. If you consider that the maximum number of people in a group is 6, it’s not a bad idea to go alone.”

“I know you’re doing that so you can act as the situation demands. But what if you get sick and are eliminated? If you can’t pay the incredibly high penalty, you’ll be expelled.”

I know I don’t need to go out of my way to remind her of that, but.

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“I am aware that I’ll have to bear that amount of risk. Isn’t that why you’re not in a group as well?”