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Walking in a room, he was faced with an umpteenth number of choices. For a gamer, after every door and every decision, an unknown awaited them. However, for Pei Qian, he knew clearly what was going to happen.

Knowing what was going to happen well; would this game be fun?

Just like if one was watching a detective drama, and he already knew who the killer was—what the ending was like. No matter how good or splendid the process was, it would not have that good an effect.

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Hence, Pei Qian scrunched his nose as he went through the entire gameplay once and experienced a few different endings. He came to a conclusion.

This game was exceedingly boring! There was no special way to play it. Players could only control their gamers to run around and enter room after room. Every time they ran to a new room, they could only see the setup inside each room and hear a voice-over mocking them.

Besides that, no other way of playing the game existed!

“En, not bad. This time, this game has standards.

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“Alas, I must indeed intervene in order to make sure things are smooth!”

Pei Qian rested easy. From the looks of it, this game did not require any alterations. It would flunk at the launch, and all he had to do was wait for the losses to come in!

At this same time, everyone else in the company was extremely busy.

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Ma Yiqun—who had formally entered the company—received his first formal task. He was to play Game Designer!

However, it was to just experience the game.

Lu Mingliang asked Ma Yiqun to see more and learn more; however, he was not intending to let Ma Yiqun raise any opinions or suggestions. He most definitely was not going to let Ma Yiqun make changes to the game.

“This company… is indeed special,” Ma Yiqun sighed and said.

The work environment was very good while a harmonious environment was ever-present; a salary package much higher than the industry standard.

Ma Yiqun had heard Huang Sibo talk about these things before and hence had not felt that surprised.