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“Hey, here, Inamoto, Kitami. Also, …Kimura. Here’s your chocolate!”

“Oh, coming!”

Mika-san’s gathered the boys in the class quickly as she chuckled while handing out the waffles. After that…

“Alright, there goes my investment for this year! It’ll be you guys’ turn on White Day!”

The peaceful chocolate gifting ceremony ended with the laughter and booing of the boys.

…Sigh, how should I say this? 90%!o(MISSING)f the guys in-class got their obligatory gifts. Yep…

-Aside from a guy that’s coincidentally taking a break today, which is me.


(…Hiya, I’m so nervous, …hmm…)

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I’m trying my best to suppress the warmth that’s about to overflow in my eyeballs as I stared at the chilly winter view outside the window.

…Recently, I got to know a lot of people and made communications with games. Subconsciously, I already forgot…that I’m still the loner that no one likes. Perhaps the player of this “Cultivate Keita Amano!” game is an idiot- actually, that’s me.

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“Ah, well, I’m giving Uehara this as well.”

“Oh, thanks, Reina. It’s going to be a pain in White Day.”

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“Hehe, I’ll look forward to it.”

…I glanced at Uehara-kun getting another chocolate. …I take back what I said. Right now, I feel like I’m entirely synced with those passersby dripping bloody tears when they see a popular protagonist!

(N-No! That’s not it! Keita Amano, don’t be fooled!)

I looked away from him and cheered myself up again.