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"G-Good morning, Ayanokouji-kun".

"Good morning, Sakura".

While slightly seeming scared, Sakura peeks at me while greeting me. Towards that Sakura, Yamauchi doesn't seem to be paying any attention but it seems he's worried about her unconsciously.

Sakura too, feels somewhat uneasy somewhere.

I'll take note of this for reference, but confessions don't only lead to happy things. Troublesome things also come along with it afterwards.

"Where's Sudou?".

"Since it's him we're talking about he probably overslept" Horikita said.

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Although the time for gathering had come and gone, there were no signs of Sudou showing up. Since he was working hard on his club activities up until yesterday, he must probably be exhausted. Since no one made an attempt to contact Sudou, I made the move.

"It's not working, the call's not going through".

I tried calling him, but even as the phone continues to ring, I couldn't even reach the answering machine. I ended the call and informed my surroundings of that.

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"What's that guy Sudou doing? It's already 8:30! If he doesn't hurry, we won't be the first ones!".

The irritated Ike, while fidgeting, stared at the elevator. But it showed no signs of moving.

"O-ok, I'll go wake him up".

Yamauchi, who was feeling uncomfortable from the awkward silence between him and Sakura, said that as he got onto the elevator. At that very moment, I could feel an invisible heavy atmosphere fade away.

"Did something happen with him?".

It seems Horikita has also noticed the change in Yamauchi and asked me that in a loud voice. I scrambled my head for an answer on how to reply to that.

"Various things happened".

In the end, I stopped talking. Both Yamauchi and Sakura wouldn't be happy if this story was to spread.