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He picked it up and found a message from Huang Wang. “Brother Zhang, why isn’t there anyone at the club?”

At the entrance of the DGE club...

Huang Wang, Jiang Huan, and the ten other old members of DGE were gathered together. As they looked at the locked entrance to the club, they felt confused.

After H4 won the championship yesterday, Huang Wang had gone to celebrate his job well done in the afternoon. He could not escape live-streaming at night either to share his joy with his fans.

His team members had also gone back to their respective clubs to rest. They had been working and training so hard during this period, and so it was time to take a break.

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This afternoon, after everyone settled down, they decided to reunite and catch up back at DGE.

However, they arrived to find the door locked.

It was supposed to be dinner time, and Fish-Catching Take-Out normally provided food for the club. That meant members would not have needed to go out.

For fear that they would interrupt the team’s training, Huang Wang and the others purposely came at this time.

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They had intended to give Zhang Yuan and Coach Yaling a surprise, but they were not in. Thus, he had no choice but to send a message to Zhang Yuan, asking where they were.

Soon, Huang Wang’s cell phone vibrated. Zhang Yuan had replied.

Huang Wang glanced at the message from Zhang Yuan. “Ah, Boss Pei brought them out for a meal! They’re at Ming House. Brother Zhang has invited us over because there are enough seats!”