Is there any online makeup?

Is there any online makeup?

“Hey, no, no, no! I think I can still do better.”

Cui Geng, “…”

He had no choice but to silently bury his boasts deep in his heart.

Once he accepted the fact that eight thousand words was not much, Cui Geng edited the 8,439-word chapter and split it into four chapters. Then, he opened the authors’ platform and uploaded them.

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Don’t ask why there was an additional two hundred words. He had just added a couple of sentences and improved the transition in the passage.

After he uploaded the last chapter, Cui Geng felt slightly sorrowful.

He had always uploaded whatever he had written immediately. There would be at least two hours between each chapter as well.

Yet, now, he had just uploaded four chapters at one shot. That was four times the happiness. He felt like a rush, like water coursing out of a dam.

Cui Geng found it hard to control his own excitement but hard to express it as well. Thus, after much thought, he only added one phrase at the end of his last chapter.


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When he saw that his chapters had been published, Cui Geng felt relieved.

He was pleased! He was satisfied!

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He was relaxed!

Although he had been a stubborn no-show and he had bailed whenever he wanted, he would always feel disappointment when evening came around.

He had always had the feeling that the day had passed too quickly, and there had been no time to do anything. For some reason, he would feel empty and melancholic.

However, he did not have the same feeling today. He did not feel like he had lacked time because he had written over eight thousand words!

“Time to eat!

“Everyone has free time tonight. Those who want to return to the hotel can do so, and those who want to go out to play can do so as

Zhu Xingan closed off their day at work and gestured at the Fish-Catching Take-Out, which was placed neatly on the conference table.