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My character, …the American soldier, Keanu, quickly maintained the distance and activated his ranged attack repeatedly. Tendou-san’s sumo player is better at melee, so naturally, she was forced to remain in a defensive position. Even so, there’s a way for her to counter this.

“Ugh, …then I’ll use this!”

E. Hongo jumped up high towards the enemy and used the move to crush the opponent with his massive body. This is a ranged attack for him based on the balance of previous games in the series. This move can dodge the attacks while rapidly closing the distance in the air.

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However, my response to this is…


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I countered this with Keanu’s overpowered anti-air move and kicked Hongo back.

Tendou-san asked me in shock.

“W-What was that? That expert input skill and the ability to act according to the situation. It doesn’t look like you!”

“Ho, ho, ho…Of course, Tendou-san. After all, I, during this one week…”

I kept on unleashing my ranged attacks on the screen…as I laughed devilishly!

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“During this one week, I’ve ‘only’ been practicing on how to screw E. Hongo over with Keanu!”


Tendou-san yelled. I fondled my bangs as I countered Hongo with Keanu’s anti-air attacks and mumbled.

“Tendou-san…It’s a mistake for you to use the word ‘guilty’ right now.”

“My boyfriend is so annoying right now!”

She was really pissed off, and that affected her performance during the match…It looks like the external tactics proposed by Uehara-kun is working again. I calmly responded, so…

“2P WIN!”