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Tendo-san talked calmly while I was still in shock.

“…Isn’t it shocking? Look at that face full of confidence. He’s disregarding even the families accompanying other members looks of disdain as well. You look like you haven’t thought about why no one dares to enter that area in all this confusion and bustle.

“Gulp… c-certainly a warrior… a warrior that only looks at games…”

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It seems like gamers follow the path of terrifying fights and battles.

While I trembled, thinking about its various meanings, the loudspeaker made a screeching sound, and then an announcement was made over the PA system.

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After the standard greetings and rules, they finally announced the details of the tournament. The tournament had been divided into 3 groups, and they were starting to be displayed on several monitors throughout the building.

While I checked my number and my name, the participants of group A had started being listed. Tendo-san talked as the numbers were being displayed.

“That’s me. My genre is… puzzle games. Then, people to watch out for… ok, it doesn’t look like there aren’t any famous players to look out for. That’s too bad.”

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“Well, I’m glad that I didn’t have to meet Tendo-san in the preliminaries.”

At these preliminaries, one person from groups A, B, and C win in their respective groups… so, in the end, three people get to advance to the next stage. In other words, if I’m not in the same group as someone else, we don’t have to fight in this round.

While Tendo-san said, “Oh, that’s too bad”, in a mischievous way, the announcement for group B started.

I looked attentively as my heart beat loudly… finally, I saw my number listed.

“The genre is… t-tennis games? Uwa, it’s a genre I’ve never tried before.”

Feeling that I’d be eliminated in the first round, my mood was dampened. Tendo-san, while in a flustered state, responded.

“B-but look, your opponents are also probably bad at tennis games— …”

“Huh? Tendo-san? What’s wrong?”

Seeing that she abruptly stopped talking, I looked at my opponent in the group.

“Number 43… uh… Echizen-san? Um, do you know the person?”

Tendo-san stayed silent to my question and looked towards the corner of the room. Is he over there…?