What is the case of online payment?

What is the case of online payment?

Sudō finally gave up and bumped his forehead into the table.

“I’ve come to understand the situation. Horikita-san, what you’re trying to say is: ‘There is no serious threat with the final exams even if we don’t determine the rules for the partner selection.’, right?”

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“Can I ask about your basis for that?”

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Karuizawa asked Horikita with a confident attitude.

“These final exams are going to be challenged in pairs, and the average score for the class will be the same regardless of what pairs were placed in. Considering that the finals made by other students will be very difficult, if we don’t figure out the rules our only option is to take the exam. If that happened, the result would be a negative one, right?”

“Yeah. I think it would be pretty bad if two students who were close to the red line were paired up with each other.”

“Since we’re afraid of that outcome, we just need to figure out how the partners are decided, right?”

“Yes. We absolutely must know the rules first. Then, as Hirata-kun said, we need to take the quizzes with the goal of avoiding the worst case scenario of failing students getting paired up together. However, Chabashira-sensei said that in previous years only one or two groups of students have dropped out due to this exam. Only one or two, is this not too little? Suppose that the students in our class are grouped in the worst way possible. Nearly 10 students would likely be forced to drop out.”

“…I see. That is what she said.”

“Hey Yōsuke-kun. What does this all mean? I’m getting a little confused.”

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“Well, let me see... How do I explain it? So, in order to explain this correctly, let's forget about trying to understand the sorting methods of the quizzes. Suppose we went and simply took these quizzes right now, what do you think will happen?”

“Ah, wouldn’t that be bad? If the students with bad brains were concentrated in their own pairs, the number of dropouts would be alarmingly high.”