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“… I already know that. I’m still hoping that my placement was a mistake by the school.”

Horikita’s previously overflowing confidence had turned into anxiety. Do you really “already know”?

The only conclusion I got from today’s information is the word “despair”. If you follow the basic rules of school life, minuses can be avoided to a certain extent. However, the crucial thing is that we don’t know how to turn minuses into pluses. The most superior class, class A, still had a small detraction of points.

Even if we do find a way to increase our points efficiently, the other classes would also find a way to do the same.

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Also, once there is a huge point difference, it is very difficult to stay competitive among the classes in limited time.

“I can understand your thoughts to some extent. However, I don’t think that the school will continue to carefully watch the students. Then there would be no meaning in competing.”

“I see, you can also think of it that way.”

I read that the school does not allow class A to escape in the first month of admission. In other words, Horikita believed that this was our chance to make a big increase in points.

“Are you thinking of taking care of this situation with your own hands?”


“What a quick answer.”

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A hand stabbed my sides. Horikita ignored me when I made a painful expression.