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「That appearance and that power… Did he control the spirit core…? No… impossible. If that was the case, the output is way too low… Is it that guy’s whim…? Or elseー?」

As she was wracking her brain over that question,

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「Hyohohohoho! Maan, I’m so relieved! With this, my mistake is also written off!」

An old man, who was clapping delightedly, suddenly appeared out of thin air.

He was short. His hair, eyebrows and eyelids were all white.

He had a bent waist and a crooked smile on his face.


Leia flusteredly turned back, as she realised someone easily snuck behind her without her noticing.

The old man who saw her reaction, had a pleasant smile on his face, and hit the floor with the tip of the bent cane which he held in his left hand.

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「Oh dear… I was wondering what would happen if he came out mid-way, but… I’m relieved that the『path』seems to be opening up smoothly!」

「…Bastard, hermit of time!?」

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Leia glared at the hermit of time while clenching her fist.

「Hoho! Long time no see, Black Fist. I’m glad you’re doing well.」

「…I got the message. You already used it on Allen, that cursed 100 million year button…!」