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Hirata switched over to a different approach to convince Sudou.

".....I get it. I just have to go back right? Go back".

As if accompanying him, Hirata left the cottage together with Sudou. I also followed soon afterwards. Grumpily returning to Class D's tent, Sudou sat down on a pipe chair.

"Shit! Next time I'll seriously send that bastard flying! Shit!".

His anger, rather than abate, only welled up and scattered out". A wise man keeps away from danger, and people back away from Sudou one after another. Sudou unleashed his wrath on anyone approaching him by snapping at them.

But Ike, who was engrossed in the girls' race, did not notice Sudou's anger and cheerfully approached him. When I realized it, it seems the girls' 100 meter dash has also reached its climax, as the last group had just entered the course.

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"What have you been doing, Ken? You just came back? Your favorite girl's match is about to start".

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He slapped Sudou on his back. In that instant, his hand was grabbed and he himself was caught in a forceful headlock.

"Gyaa! What the hell!".

"Stress relief".

"It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! I give up, I give up!".

I have nothing to say about this except that it's misfortunate and pitiful. Anyways, after having attacked Ike in anger and as Horikita's race approached, it seems Sudou's regained a bit of calm.

Horikita enters the course as the last round of the 1st year girls was at hand.

"At least there's healing in watching Suzune I guess.....".

If he can be healed by watching that, then by all means I'll have him heal up.

As I watched Sudou in turn, Sakura breathlessly came back to my side.

"Haa, haa......p-painful.....".

She must have been running at her best as she's repeatedly breathing in and out seemingly in extreme pain.

"W-Were you watching me, Ayanokouji-kun?".