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Of course, the number of people online at the same time during the initial stages of Bunny Tail Live-Stream would definitely not be that high. However, even if the bandwidth was smaller, Pei Qian would still burn a lot of money every month no matter what, which would significantly reduce his current burden.

Pei Qian had already done his research on these contents.

Those who understood the live-stream industry would definitely question Pei Qian’s thoughts or at least ask him a question.

However, Old Ma accepted everything without even asking. This meant that Old Ma either knew nothing about the live-stream industry or listened obediently to everything he said. He had no other thoughts.

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Old Ma was very reliable no matter how he looked at it!

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Pei Qian was very satisfied with Old Ma’s reaction. “Yes, remember these few points that I told you. Go and prepare well. Ask He Desheng and Chen Yufeng to help when you’re preparing the company. You can go to other live-stream platforms and poach a mid-level person-in-charge. In short, I’ll solve the money problem. You can do whatever you want!”

Ma Yang immediately stood up excitedly. “No problem, Brother Qian. Leave it to me!”

Ma Yang had just left when someone knocked on his office door.

Pei Qian looked up to see Assistant Xin.

“Boss Pei, Meng Chang is here.”

Pei Qian frowned slightly. “Just nice, let him in. I was just thinking of looking for him.”

After a while, Meng Chang knocked lightly on the door and entered.

However, Meng Chang’s heart skipped a beat and felt a little guilty the moment he saw Boss Pei.

That was because Boss Pei did not look too good. He looked a little unhappy!

When Meng Chang saw Boss Pei, he would always feel an indescribable sense of awe. It was as if his every move could not escape Boss Pei’s eyes. He wanted to be clever but did not dare to.