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「Heyo! Everyone seems to be doing well!」

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「Yes… yes, it would be helpful if you could arrange it that way. Yeah, yes… best regards.」

It was Leia-sensei who was in a playful spirit, and No.18-san who responded on the telephone busily.

What kind of legs do the both of them have… They didn’t seem to be fazed from the impact of the fall.

「Le-Leia-sensei!? and No.18-san as well… why are you here?」

「For crying out loud! Going to the training camp will need an advisor’s lead!」

「S-So, that means the advisor of the student council is Leia-sensei…?」

「Well, that’s how it is! Now then, the long-awaited resort! Freed from daily hard work, let’s go have fuー Ferris!? Why are you here!?」

A 180 turn around from her good mood – sensei, who found Ferris-san, had a blatantly disgusted expression on her face.

「That’s my line! Even though it’s supposed to be a super fun summer camp, why do I have to look at such a boring face… Haa, we’re going to be hit by bad luck…」

「What’d you say, you vixen…!」

And as the two who had a cat and dog relationship began quarreling,

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「Allen-kun! Sorry to keep you wait-… eh? There seems to be more people now.」

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「Aa, looking closely, they seem to be the group from Ice King Academy!」

「No, more importantly… there seems to be a strange group of people, fallen on the ground… It smells like trouble, though…」

The president, Lilim-senpai, and Ferris-senpai, who had finished cleaning the mansion, returned.

And at the same time,