Online investment is more stable

Online investment is more stable

“Tell me the truth and give me an accurate number.”

Meng Chang saw He Desheng whispering in Boss Pei’s ear. While he did not know what exactly he said but he could tell from Boss Pei’s attitude that things had taken a turn for the better.

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Meng Chang was overjoyed as if he had found a straw to clutch at.

In his opinion, Boss Pei was obviously trying to give him a warning to show his determination!

Meng Chang could not help but feel slightly regretful because he felt that he had made a fool of himself earlier.

Once Boss Pei said that he wanted to withdraw, his reaction was a little extreme. This showed that the cold-faced lady was indeed very reliant on Tengda’s financial support.

The latter part of Boss Pei’s question was like asking how much benefits Meng Chang could bring to Tengda Corporation after accurately grasping their influence on Cold-Faced Lady’s life.

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At this point, Meng Chang had no other choice. He had to stand firmly on Boss Pei’s side and promise him bright prospects in exchange for Boss Pei’s continued support.

At that thought, Meng Chang immediately became very serious and assured Boss Pei decisively. “Boss Pei, don’t worry. The cold-faced lady will definitely make you money! It’s just a matter of how much you earn!”

“I can assure you that at least one of the two ways to make money can be realized.”

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“The first is that the cold-faced lady continues to generate profits. As the cold-faced lady’s major shareholder, you will receive dividends for a long period of time. You will gain long-term benefits if you hold on until we are listed. The second is that once more capital enters, you can leave whenever you want. The longer you hold, the higher the value, and the more you will earn!”

“As for incurring losses, I promise you that this will not happen.”