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We can’t take it anymore, that’s crazy. Kousei Amano, he’s super insane. I can’t believe Amano-senpai has such a shocking trump card behind him. N-No, perhaps senpai didn’t even know that his little brother’s real side…However, I guess it’s better for him to not know.

After that, we continued digging in silently. However, it’s different than when we just took a seat. It’s not because we felt awkward.

“Kousei Amano. My appetite is losing for every second spent talking to him!”

Depression. Intolerance. His attitude and ability to cast these emotions onto us make it extremely difficult for us to enjoy our meals. Kousei Amano. He got a caring heart for his brother, a wicked tongue, a stomach full of crap, a love of cleanliness, and purity found in middle schoolers. What a miraculous chemical reaction.

After we robotically swept up our burger steaks, we quickly called the happy, lunchtime-enjoying trio that’s far better than us to leave the restaurant…Although we feel kind of terrible to them, it’s now too suffering for us “The Trash Group” to talk to Kousei Amano.

“W-Well, what should we do next?”

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Everyone finished paying up and walked to the door of the restaurant. Trashara glanced at Kousei Amano’s movement with the corner of his eyes as he asked for everyone’s schedule.

Amano-senpai is the first to answer.

“If everyone’s still interested, I kind of wanted to take a short walk and continue playing GOM search. It helps with the digestion.”

Kousei Amano answered with a bitter smile.

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“Jeez, brother, you will always be active in times like this.”

“W-What’s wrong, Kousei…Why does it matter.”

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“It’s fine. However, in reality, I’m not as interested in the game as you, brother…”

“U-Ugh, Kousei…”

“It’s pointless to let out a sound like that. This is decided by everyone, right? You’re the one that said it, right, brother? ‘If everyone’s still interested,’ …everyone agrees?”

Kousei Amano looked at us with a refreshing smile after he said that.