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One of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle – Rain Glad was there.

With only a piece of glass between us, I called out to Rain, who was sitting on a pipe bed.

「It’s been a while, Rain.」

He immediately stood up and walked towards me.

「Aa, it’s going to be two months now. I really appreciate what you did for me that time. Thanks to you lifting the『Curse of Rain』, Serena is once again able to live a normal life.」

Serena Glad.

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She is the sole survivor of an orphanage that Rain used to run, and also his adopted child.

A few years ago, she suffered from the curse of rain after being attacked by a monster.

It is a fearsome curse where you can only live in a place where it is raining.

Rain created endless rain in the Sunny Land of Dagrio to protect her.

(It’s not the right thing to do, but…)

He was moving under his own justice, with pain in his heart.