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With bright hope and strong ambition in my heart, I fell into a slumber.

It’s been 10 years since I arrived in this world, I’ve been continuously swinging my sword every single day.

After swinging my sword for 10 years, I have come to understand the principle behind it.

(I wonder if my swings are optimised now…)

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Anyway, I understood how to swing the sword.

When swinging the sword downwards, there is a timing at which I should exert force, and conversely a timing where I should relax the sword. I finally grasped the idea behind the technique.

At the mark of 100 years, I had acquired various sword techniques.

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For example like this,

「First Sword ー Flying Shadow!」

I can now perform a flying slash.

I also tried to name the various techniques I learned.

I felt like I was the founder of a new school and it was a lot of fun.