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“-Can we stop coming to the family restaurant like this for a while?”


Aguri-san got uncharacteristically quiet. I still stared at the night sky as I continued.

“In conclusion, this is like sundae and fries. We treat meetings like this as a way to heal our wounds. So, I feel kind of bad for requesting that. …No, I should say, that’s why I want to say this.”

“…Amanocchi, explain yourself.”

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Aguri-san didn’t get angry or tried to brush it off casually. Instead, she asked me calmly.

As for me, …I looked away from the sky and towards the station far ahead.

“Like what I’ve said before, right now, I made up my mind. It’s going to last all the way until the White Day that Tendou-san promised. …During this period, I’ll keep myself from going out, saying stuff, and arguing with others. To put it simply, I won’t act before I think like I used to.”

“Eh, Amanocchi, I didn’t know you’re aware that you always act before you think. What a surprise.”

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“Ugh, ..after all, …I messed up some serious things. The least I can do is…”

Aguri-san still answered me like she’s not interested.

I cleared my throat and continued.

“So, …Aguri-san, hanging out with you is a relief for me. It’s irreplaceable, and I’m super happy too. However, …that’s why I think I need to restrain myself to achieve the true ending I want. Right now, …I wish to avoid distancing myself from Tendou-san’s finishing line. So…”

I said that as I looked at Aguri-san. So, she…nodded with a smile.

“It’s fine. Amanocchi, I think you’re pretty amazing.”

“Thank you! Well…”

“Yep, let’s stop meeting like this for a while. Ah, …but…”