Do you make a chess on the Internet?

Do you make a chess on the Internet?

Ike and Shinohara had a heated argument.

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“Anyway, I think it’s impossible for me.“

Shinohara and most of the girls were thoroughly unaccepting of the situation.

“Then what will you do? It’s not possible putting up with a toilet for a week, right?“

“Well, that’s…“

The teacher, who was watching Shinohara and Ike’s complaints and dispute as someone else’s problem, suddenly made a sullen face when she looked behind us.

“Ya-oh~ … “

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Such a faded voice came from behind.

The owner of that voice rushed over to the targeted person, capturing and hugging them from behind.

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“… what are you doing? “

“What, skinship? I was thinking what would you do about it.“

Said Ms. Hoshinomiya, a teacher in charge of B class, stroking Ms. Chabashira’s two hands harshly.

“Whenever I touch Sae-chan’s hair, it’s always smooth.“

“Do you understand school rules properly? It’s inexcusable to eavesdrop on other class’ information.“