What business can do online online

What business can do online online

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“Don’t be rash, bear with it! If you really can’t, go to the nearby Deposit Fitness to take a look. It won’t be too late to purchase after experiencing it!”

The viewers in the live-stream were obviously very interested in this fitness equipment.

Many members in the gym noticed the game that Qiao Liang was playing and came over curiously.

After watching for a while, they canceled their fitness plan today and used the other smart fitness drying rack.

“Coach, how do I use this?”

“Where did you download the game?”

“How do we connect the equipment?”

The coach quickly answered each member’s questions and helped them adjust the equipment.

The “smart fitness zone”, which had been deserted a moment ago, suddenly became lively!

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The coach answered them one by one and helped them adjust their equipment. Soon, the limited number of smart fitness drying racks were filled.

Those who came late could only watch from the side.