How do junior high school students typing online

How do junior high school students typing online

What conscience was there to speak of compared to Tengda’s actions?

May 19th, Saturday...

Long Yu Corporation was operating normally.

Eric and Zhao Xuming had set an example to work overtime. Naturally, the other ordinary employees did not dare to rest at home.

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What’s more, they were still in the midst of the money-burning war with Tengda. The employees of Long Yu Corporation were very ‘enlightened’. They had all consciously come to work overtime.

In fact, there were some employees who did not have such awareness at first. However, those employees generally would not survive.

In the conference room, Zhao Xuming was happily reporting to Eric.

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“Ever since our lucky draw event was released, the response from the players has been rather enthusiastic. The popularity of IOI mobile games has also been diluted!”

“Many players lost their memories on the spot. They even felt that our activities were more attractive than Tengda’s 515 Gaming Festival.”

“The popularity of our lucky draw event is still rising even now.”

“The most important thing is that not only did we not burn too much money for the lucky draw this time, we even made some profit. It might be a 70%!d(MISSING)iscount but there is still some profit margin under precise calculation!”

Zhao Xuming was obviously very proud. After all, he was the one who thought of this idea.