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"I'm perfectly fine with it it ok?".

Kushida nods that there's no problem as though it was a matter-of-fact. By doing this, Ike and the others had their right to veto automatically annihilated. Ultimately the three from Class B joined us and the total number of people rose to a large household number of 13.

"Sorry for disturbing you guys".

Kanzaki, who knows that I'm not the type to argue against the general flow, approached me and said that. Seeing that, Sakura took a step backwards. It was a brilliant way of erasing her presence so Kanzaki won't notice her.

"This is also fine isn't it? It's the last day of the summer vacation after all".

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"There are few chances in this school to get along with students from other classes, you see. Shibata and the others also seem happy".

"You're not like them".

Kanzaki was calm as usual, or more like I felt as though he was making contact with me from a distance.

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"I'm just similar to you, Ayanokouji. I'm not good at dealing with the liveliness".

As I conversed casually with Kanzaki while walking, from the direction ahead of us we could hear a wave of cheers rising up.

"They're being rowdy over there".

Sudou said that. As I raised my head to look, at the center of the uproar a splash of water rose up. And at the same time as that, a person and a ball both fluttered up towards the sky. A violently driven spike hit the opponent's coat underwater. It seems they were playing volleyball at the pool.

"Woah! That's amazing! That guy, isn't he really next level?".

Yamauchi, beholding that sight with his eyes, shouted out. In this large facility there were 3 pools that were prepared and they seem to be used for the playing of different games.

One of them is a standard pool you can go swimming in whenever you feel like it. One of them is something like a flowing pool. And finally, the last one is a pool geared towards amusement and is a sports-use pool. And now in that sports-use pool, surrounded by a large amount of girls a fierce round of volleyball was occurring. They were students I've never seen before. A number of them seemed mature like an adult so the majority of them are probably 2nd year or 3rd year students. A male-female mixed team and their high-level plays were unfolding.

But even amongst them, there was one male student in particular who stood out conspicuously.