Make the most hot software online

Make the most hot software online

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“There are actually many ways to develop VR games next.”

“For example, make a 3A shooting game or work with other manufacturers to develop VR versions of some successful racing games.”

“The chances of success are high and the risks are small. What’s more, we can maximize the current VR popularity and further link the image of Slow Movement Studio with the VR industry.”

Pei Qian fell silent.

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It sounded so reliable!

Since Slow Movement Studio had already become popular in the VR field, it was indeed a relatively safe decision to continue farming the VR field according to the operating standards established in “Animal Island”.

After the game was created, the chances of making money were very high with the reputation of Slow Movement Studio and Tengda Games.

Cai Jiadong was a little disappointed seeing Boss Pei fall into silence.

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Indeed, his idea was too simple. It was far from the standard answer in Boss Pei’s heart.

Lin Wan continued, “Old Cai’s choice is indeed the most reasonable choice under normal thinking.”

“However, I think there is a certain risk to this choice.”

“I spoke to Old Song, the product manager of the VR glasses. He said that the Doubt VR glasses have already used all the current VR glasses technology. It’s a product that has been a huge success. However, in a pessimistic scenario, the shape of the VR glasses product might not change much in the next two or three years.”