Can I recommend making money on my scouting?

Can I recommend making money on my scouting?

However, this is the only thing that I don’t want to know from senpai.

It’s because this person, …this stupidly gentle and observant boy, must feel as much pain if not more from my tears.

That’s why I have to be a good girl that wishes senpai good luck with a smile.

That’s the coolest and best thing Konoha Hoshinomori can do.

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I know it. …I understand all of it. Isn’t that true?

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No matter what, I’m the student council president of Hekiyou, a pure pervert girl, alright?

As the side girl that was rejected, shouldn’t I already know the best way to withdraw?

…I know it already. …But, for some reason, right now, I don’t want to act like such a cool girl at all.

However, it’s okay. I can just buy some time to calm down. I thought about that as I dragged senpai’s invitation for a week. I avoided him to buy time. However-

-It’s just like what you can see.

At this moment, I still really, really love senpai- I’m insanely in love with him.

“Sheesh, what is this feeling…!?”

My heart is thoroughly messed up. I can’t help but tap the box of <Rainbow Court> forcefully.