How do teachers make a teaching design to make money

How do teachers make a teaching design to make money

"That's just your theory, Ayanokouji".

Chabashira-sensei's words of denial no longer hold any power but rather, they sounded weak.

"By chance, the irregularity that is my existence showed up this year and the situation became different from your usual year. Although there are many students with problematic personalities, the cream of the crop did gather too. Horikita and Kouenji as well as Hirata and Kushida. They're all students who, if properly guided, can aim for the upper classes. That's why you'd end up having expectations. In that case, it wouldn't be strange if the ambition you kept bottled up came surging back out. It's very easy to tell if you think back on the words Hoshinomiya said to you not too long after enrollment".

Hoshinomiya, who was an old friend of hers, knew about her desire to rise to Class A.

'You're aiming to supplant them'. Those words of hers were very telling.

"And now, no matter how rudely I act or what insolent words I speak, the only option you have here is to accept it all. The fact that the Chairman offered to protect me and considering how you want to use me as your weapon to aim for Class A, the only option you have available is to close your eyes to all the abuse going on here".

Like I said, all Chabashira-sensei could do is to listen to all this.

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"For someone like you who desires to reach Class A and being stuck with teaching Class D every year, this is a chance you cannot afford to lose. You even used the lie that my father made contact with you to try and make use of my existence after all. That's the reason you approached me and Horikita was only a pawn you used for that purpose. By the way, things aren't so simple".

I never had much ambition and held no interest in Class A in the first place. Not knowing how to control me, who never took much action, she ended up firing the first shot during our first special exam on that uninhabited island.

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"If, by the time the special exams start, we're still unable to hold a candle to the other classes then we'd never be able to catch up. That's why you panicked and ended up using what the Chairman told you to keep secret. I suppose you could call it desperate measures".

After that, things went favorably for Class D to a certain degree.

However, a miscalculation occurred. That's my father making contact with this school at last. And today at this very moment, all truths and lies are laid bare.

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"You probably intended to shut me down but on the contrary, you're the one being shut down now".