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He turned to look at his driver, Little Sun. “Make some time to bring Mr. Liang around Jingzhou to play over the next few days. Allow him to have a good appreciation of Jingzhou’s culture and people. Over the weekend, bring Mr. Liang to Ming Yun Private Kitchen for a meal. Host him well for me.”

Little Sun quickly answered, “Alright, Boss Pei.”

Pei Qian turned to Liang Qingfan. “Mr. Liang, please get some rest. Travel around Jingzhou and collect some inspiration. All of your expenses during this period will be borne by Tengda.

“I want to open more Sloth Apartments at the end of the money. Then, I would have to trouble you once more.”

Liang Qingfan looked overwhelmed by Boss Pei’s favor. “No problem, Boss Pei!”

Being appreciated like that made Liang Qingfan feel like he had met someone who could truly treasure his talents.

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As a young designer, what did he need most?

A stage! Opportunities! Gaoling Construction and Design Co., Ltd was a first-tier design company in the country which was being led by a giant in the industry, Zhou Nanling. He would have many chances to take part in large-scale projects.

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However, as a young designer under thirty years old, he had very slim chances of being put in charge of large-scale projects himself.

To designers, good projects were opportunities, chances at fame, and a stage to prove oneself. Without good projects, what use would all of one’s talent be? How would talent be developed? Who would know about them?

It was just as well that there were opportunities where Boss Pei was. There were many, many opportunities!

What’s more, Liang Qingfan could sense that Boss Pei’s mindset was quite similar to his own on a certain level.

For example, Boss Pei was one who chased being elite.

As an architect, Liang Qingfan was familiar with a lot of styles. He was adept at creating custom-made designs that suited each property owner’s requirements. However, the problem was that, as he absorbed everybody’s requests, Liang Qingfan thought deeply about the artistic aspect as well. Yet, not many people could understand that artistic aspect.

The fact that Boss Pei was so happy with his designs—so much so that he had even tried poaching Liang Qingfan-proved that Boss Pei had a similar view and understanding of art as he did.

Both of us want to chase being elite!

It was for that exact reason that Liang Qingfan almost spat out ‘I will!’ However, it would look unrestrained of him to agree on the spot, and he might have come across as being rash. Thus, Liang Qingfan decided to symbolically ponder about it for a few days. At the same time, he would deal with a few matters in his current company before officially transferring to Tengda. Pei Qian walked around the room, feeling very happy with every corner. He wanted to recruit Liang Qingfan because of his ability to understand him. In fact, Liang Qingfan could understand Boss Pei much better than most of Tengda’s employees.

One of Pei Qian’s most important considerations in selecting his employees was the extent of their imagination.

For instance, Lu Mingliang did not have much of an imagination. He was a good employee who did whatever Boss Pei asked of him. Men like him were becoming few and far between!