What software is called online download?

What software is called online download?

The shares that Boss Pei sold were basically gobbled up by these internal shareholders as well. There were no new shareholders.

However, Boss Pei did not sell a lot of shares so these shareholders held their suspicion, but they did not think that Boss Pei was going to exit.

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Then again, Li Shi was going to sell all of the 20%!s(MISSING)hares he held in his hands away. The exit was too obvious. There was no way the other shareholders would not know that he was trying to exit!

Most shareholders only invested in this project because Li Shi invested in it. The other investors would definitely panic if Li Shi were to sell his shares together with Boss Pei. If that were to happen, everyone would lose confidence in this project and sell their shares, too. The valuation of the company would then collapse instantly!

If that really happened, Li Shi would probably not be able to sell his shares for much of a profit.

Therefore, Li Shi felt that he should not sell this way.

He invested a total of four million yuan into such a good project. Its valuation would plummet if he were to throw it in such a way.

Profiting only a few hundred thousand after so much trouble?

Not possible!

Therefore, he had to sell them... but not in this way!

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Li Shi searched for the contact info of the other investors. He decided to hold a mini-phone conference. The other investors replied in no time. They set the meeting to one hour later.

Li Shi took advantage of this time to sort his thoughts out a bit. He then recorded all the points that were needed to be spoken later.

One hour later, the telephone conference started on time.

“Boss Li, what is so urgent?” One of the investors on the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ app asked.

Li Shi decided not to waste time and go directly to the point. “Boss Pei is probably cashing out. I’m also about to sell off all my shares.”