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“What’s more, the center of the treasure land is where we are?”

“This is ridiculous! Why would such a thing be discussed in the group? Don’t you have any scientific knowledge as a game designer?”

Li Yada was confused.

How was this a good place to find bugs? We had moved here for a long time, but we did not feel anything?

The program of Dawn Games had also been developing. The number of bugs was alright. It did not feel any different from when he was in Tengda.

The others were basically transferred over from Tengda’s gaming department and TPDb website. They had originally worked on the 16th, 17th, and 18th floors of Shenhua View. They did not feel anything strange when they came here.

Li Yada was a little speechless. She quickly clarified in the group when she saw that a group of people was still trying their best to pull more people over to rent work desks and take advantage of the good fortune.

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“The feng shui treasure should be a joke. Don’t take it seriously, everyone. I don’t feel any changes at all.”

However, the people in the group did not believe him at all.

“We’ve tested it. It’s really different!”

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“It doesn’t matter. If you believe it, believe it. Otherwise, don’t believe it. In any case, the location of the treasure land has almost been snatched up. Those who came late would not be able to rent it.”

“Actually, there’s no need to arrange for the entire testing team. We just have to arrange for one or two tests to keep looking for bugs here and then have the development team modify them at their own company. The money from two work desks can greatly increase the speed of discovering bugs. It’s simply not worth it!”

“That’s right. It’s just two work desks. You won’t lose out even if you buy it!”

“I didn’t believe it at first either… Until I really came to try it out…”

“Are you serious? I’m in Shanghai. I’ll send two testers on a business trip there. Can you leave a seat for our company? I’ll definitely reward you!”

There were some companies in the group that was not in Jingzhou. They could not help but feel curious when they saw everyone in the group chat. They wanted to send people over to take a look.

What if it was true?