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「Okay. It’s a great opportunity, so I’ve decided on transferring to White Lily Academy!」

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「Oh, that’s great! I’ll get in touch with their director. You should take a quick look through this brochure by tomorrow.」sensei said, and handed the enrollment guidebook of White Lily Academy.

「Yes, I understand.」

Thus, I decided to attend White Lily Academy where『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria-san belongs, for a short period of about two weeks.

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The next day.

I was standing at the main gate of White Lily Academy with Ria and Rose.

「It was pretty close to Thousand Blade Academy」I whispered to myself.

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「Un, has a very fresh feel to it!」

「Aa, it’s not bad.」

The two were satisfied.

(…Even so, I never thought I’d come with Ria and Rose.)

Yesterday, after talking with Leia-sensei, I went to the hospital where they were hospitalized.

As Ria and Rose confirmed my safety, they patted their chests with relief, and were very surprised to see my black-and-white hair.