etf money market

etf money market

A short cycle would mean earlier settlement, and Pei Qian would be able to get his money earlier. However, less time meant he could not work on many long projects, and he would be more restricted. A long cycle would mean he could invest in bigger projects that cost more, but settlement would be later.

Pei Qian thought about Thriller Hostel’s problems and decided that six months was acceptable. A longer cycle was better than a shorter one.

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The starting sum of twenty million yuan was less than Pei Qian had imagined. However, that was twice the starting sum that he had in the previous cycle.

Obviously, the starting sum had increased, and the difficulty of incurring losses had been reduced. The System was not foolish.

Pei Qian began to study the Special Task for this cycle.

‘No matter how smoothly things go, true business geniuses would never give up learning. This sentence offended Pei Qian slightly. He did not want things to go smoothly, and he had not given up learning.

He listened intently in class from time to time, and he passed his examinations based on his own efforts every time. How could the System say that he had given up on learning?!

However, the System seemed to have another way of measuring this.

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The System’s regulations were very clear. Pei Qian could invest up to eight percent of the starting sum—that was 1,600,000 yuan-in himself. Simply put, he could use the money to pay his school fees.

The System had not restricted him in terms of what he could learn.

During Settlement, the System would measure how much Pei Qian had learned. If the System was satisfied with Pei Qian’s results, it would reward him by allowing him to deduct or add a fixed sum to the System Funds.

What if Pei Qian had 22 million yuan by the end of the cycle? That would be a profit. However, if Pei Qian had spent a million yuan on school fees and acquired the relevant knowledge, he would be able to deduct (1,000,000 x 8) 8,000,000 yuan from the System Funds.

There would still be 22 million yuan in the System Funds, but the System would calculate the conversion using the sum of 14 million yuan. That would count as a loss.

Pei Qian would only be able to convert two thousand yuan if there were 22 million yuan in the System Funds. However, thanks to the reward, he would be able to convert six hundred thousand yuan. Still, the regulations seemed restrictive.

First, Pei Qian could decide how much he wanted to spend, up to 1,600,000 yuan. However, even a Master’s in Business Administration would only cost tens of thousands of yuan or hundreds of thousands of yuan at most. How could Pei Qian spend 1,600,000 yuan?

He could register for more courses, but if he couldn’t spare time to attend all the classes, he would not meet the System’s requirements in the end. That would be useless.

What’s more, how much knowledge did he have to acquire before the System would be satisfied? There didn’t seem to be a clear standard.