How to make money on online vegetables

How to make money on online vegetables

The main purpose of Fish-Catching Take-Out was to provide healthy, home-cooked meals for the employees. Although it was slightly more expensive than ordinary restaurants, it was far from the money-spending machine that Pei Qian could imagine it to be.

After all, they were all ordinary dishes. The System had limitations on the pricing of the food. He could not increase it as much as he wanted.

No matter how delicious a serving of scrambled eggs with tomatoes was, it could not be priced that high unless the chef was a cheat.

Pei Qian did not have a chef like that just yet.

He could start up a high-class restaurant; that would solve his problems.

Then, he could look for a secluded place to set up this restaurant. He would select the best-quality ingredients and charge the highest prices he possibly could. Although his own employees would get a discount when they ate there—as long as the ingredients were expensive enough, this would not be a problem.

They would go there for a meal before each settlement. Apart from that, he would maintain the business and allow it to continue incurring losses. That was quite a good idea.

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At that thought, Pei Qian roughly knew what had to be done.

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Next week, the games would continue to reap profits. Pei Qian did not have to worry about where to spend this money. He could pour them all into setting up a high-class restaurant. For all he knew, it would require much more money than the three Fish-Catching Internet Cafes.

Of course, a few whales would fancy this high-class restaurant. It would have at least a few customers.

However, Jingzhou was a second-tier city. There weren’t many whales here. Pei Qian guessed that the restaurant would still incur losses. It was not likely that it would become popular.

Pei Qian pondered for several moments and then glanced at Lin Wan who was seated two tables away. Lin Wan thought that Pei Qian had not figured out her real identity. However, Pei Qian already had a good idea of who she was. He even made arrangements for her quietly.

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Of course, Pei Qian would not act rashly and alert her yet. He had to wait until the next settlement cycle before arranging for Lin Wan to be transferred over to Shang Yang Games so that she could quickly ruin several games. Then, his job would be complete.

At that moment, Lin Wan was typing away on her phone, replying to messages.

On the screen was a message from Chen Sha.

“Beautiful Lin, little lass, please… think of a way to get me a Barrett Doom from inside there! Aren’t you in charge of this? You should have control over the internal quota, right?”

“I really cannot. I would love to help, but my hands are tied. Why not look for a scalper?” Lin Wan replied quickly. “Me aside; even the outstanding employee in my team whom Boss Pei completely trusts—Bao Xu—had to buy a Barrett Doom from a scalper.”

Chen Sha, “…”