16-year-old high school party how to make money online

16-year-old high school party how to make money online

Who said that they had to eat together during the annual meeting?

In fact, the food at the annual meeting might not suit everyone’s taste. After all, there were so many people present. Some loved traditional Chinese food, some loved Western food, and some loved Japanese food... It was impossible to satisfy all of these flavors. They could only choose a menu that most people found acceptable.

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What’s more, even though the annual meeting was cto have a meal together, only people at the same table could communicate with each other. It was rare for people from different departments to sit at the same table. It was even very unnecessary with Tengda’s way of operations.

Since that was the case, why did they have to squeeze into the same hall for a meal?

Everyone could eat what they liked. There were all sorts of restaurants in such a huge shopping mall. They could even eat as much as they wanted. How comfortable was that?

After the lucky draw segment, everyone would return to the GPL competition venue and watch the big screen used for eSports competition. Wouldn’t it be perfect if they could draw for an hour at a time?

All in all, this year’s annual meeting was still in the same style as last year. There was no formality, no stimulants, and no one was allowed to act stupid on stage. Everyone was here to eat, drink, and play.

They were to eat to their fill and play to their hearts’ content!

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Wu Bin was also at the venue of the annual meeting. He helped distribute coins and consumer vouchers, introducing the process to his colleagues together with the other employees of the HR department.

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Wu Bin had no complaints even though he had to work on the day of the annual meeting. He was, instead,very happy.

That was because of participation and pride!

Wu Bin could not help but think about last year’s annual meeting. At that time, he had just joined Tengd and had failed the first Tengda Spirit compatibility test.

As an intern, Wu Bin did not even have the right to participate in normal work, much less overtime. He could only try his best to figure out the Tengda spirit every day. He felt a little disappointed when he saw that his colleagues were busy but he could not interfere.

Even though Wu Bin attended the annual meeting as an intern last year, he did not miss out on any of the prizes that he should have won. This made him feel the warmth of home.

After a year of hard work, Wu Bin had become an indispensable member of Tengda’s HR department!

Not only had he personally participated in two recruitment drives for new employees, but he had also summarized the Tengda spirit and provided spiritual guidance to all new employees who joined Tengda.

Now, Wu Bin felt that he had become an indispensable member of Tengda. It was also a blessing to be able to take charge of the preparations for the annual meeting and play a role in his own position!

Soon, Wu Bin saw many familiar faces, including the person-in-charge and core members of the various departments. There were also some new faces. They should be new employees that he had hired in the previous recruitment drive.