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“Practice those tactics we learned from the DGE club again!

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“Our H4 club must not lose when the weekend match comes!”

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Team Leader Su was furious.

On the other hand, the members of the IOI club were solo training while they forcibly suppressed the smile on their faces.

Two members whispered.

“Team Leader Su seems to be furious again; what happened to the GOG branch?”

“Not sure, probably because they were beaten by that emerging club. I heard they were miserable in their abuse.”

“I can only say that the GOG branch is too noob; they really make our club lose face.”

“Forget it, say less. Warm up quickly, we’ll have to fight in mock competitions with other clubs in no time.”

“No problem, we are not noobs like those in the GOG branch. The IOI championship hosted by Tengda this time will be ours!”

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July 21st, Thursday...

At the cafe near Handong University...

It was time for the monthly lesson.

He An drank his coffee and started talking about today’s topic.

“The successful experience I’m going to talk about today is the shared needs theory. It is not only suitable for gaming; it is also suitable for other areas.