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Is the Ghost General I created the same game that you guys are playing?!

The reason why I changed the art style was to deter gamers who liked the cartoonish styles!

Turning the gameplay simple? That wasn’t of my own accord! Those were the only functions that the templates I purchased had! I couldn’t even modify it with the game editor even if I wanted to!

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A game of conscience?

That’s because I didn’t want whales to affect my goal of losing money!

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How are these being interpreted as pros of the game now?!

Pei Qian truly wanted to die.

This was a mad world and something must be wrong with it!

Placing his phone down, Pei Qian contemplated life silently.

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“Boss Pei, hi! Sorry for the long wait!”

A man in his thirties clad in a suit knocked before entering and shaking hands with Pei Qian.

“I’m Exxon Human Resources Corporation’s Handong Province’s regional manager, an experienced headhunting consultant at the same time. I’m pleased to be able to serve you. You can call me Lawrence.”

This consultant who started off with an English name was extremely polite because Pei Qian had already informed the receptionist of his identity right upon entering – the boss of Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.

A one to one service by a headhunting consultant of the managerial level would require additional fees. However, Pei Qian showed no hesitance at all and that was enough to tell of his generosity.

There was naturally no way the headhunting company would drag their feet around such a client.

But of course, Pei Qian’s main intention was to spend money from the system and that was why it did not hurt him at all and he could appear so casual about it.

“Hi, Manager Lawrence. I’m here with the sole intent of hiring an assistant,” Pei Qian started straightforwardly.

“Sure. Could I check with you on your general expectations?”

Manager Lawrence retained a professional smile.