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“You should know that by now, right? A group of investors had also been persuaded to follow Boss Pei and invest in the surrounding area.

“This group of investors suggested building a huge shopping mall for Boss Pei and Thriller Hostel’s benefit. Props and other peripheral products would be sold in that mall. We are to come up with the plan while they fork out the money.

“Thus, I invited Teacher Shi to come up with a common design for a shopping mall, with the intention of using it for the actual thing.

“Yet, alas, Boss Pei is a man who enjoys perfecting something that is already outstanding! He emailed me yesterday, asking us to design the shopping mall as a maze!” Shi Zherui continued from where Chen Kangtuo left off. “I felt confused when Boss Chen told me about this, too. At first, I thought that there was nothing much one could do with a shopping mall. That was why I used a typical plan. I didn’t think that Boss Pei would be unsatisfied!

“At the moment, I am still in charge of the construction of the Thriller Hostel, and I have to watch the progress like a hawk. If any problems occur, I have to change the plan on the spot. Time is already tight, and yet Boss Pei is requesting that I work on a maze. That would kill me.

“I don’t have much experience with or knowledge of mazes, and I already have so many things on my hands! Thus… we’ve been leaving this on the back burner, and Boss Chen has been worrying about it.”

Chen Kangtuo nodded. “That’s right, but thankfully, Mr. Liang has arrived! Mr. Liang, do you have any good ideas about how to carry out this project?”

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Liang Qingfan raised his eyebrows.

Turn a shopping mall into a maze? That was very bold! Boss Pei might have been the only one in the entire world who could come up with such a bold and imaginative idea. Liang Qingfan sipped his tea and asked, “What exactly did Boss Pei say? I have some thoughts about the maze, but I need to understand what Boss Pei requires so that I don’t get it wrong.”

Chen Kangtuo laughed and said proudly, “Don’t worry, I am considered an old employee of Tengda Games. I’ve learned a thing or two about figuring out what Boss Pei wants!

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“Boss Pei mentioned two points in his email. First, he wants it to be expensive-luxurious and dazzling. He wanted the shopping mall to be filled with luxury brands.

“Second, he wanted most of the shops selling peripheral products to be hidden within the maze, so that the majority of the customers would exit the shopping mall without even realizing it. They should not be able to find a single shop. “Let me try to interpret Boss Pei’s intentions from my angle. If any of you have anything to add, please feel free to add on.

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“I think that Boss Pei’s ‘maze’ idea has something to do with games! It’ll be like collectibles created in games; they would all be hidden. Gamers would then have to search for them repeatedly, which would keep them playing the game for a long time. “At the same time, once a gamer finds a hidden shop, it would be like finding a hidden merchant in the game. It would have a psychological effect on them. They would think that, after spending so much time locating the shop, they had to buy something to reward themselves. Otherwise, it would feel like they’re losing out. That way, we would be able to encourage spending.