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“Those were the main reasons I had asked to postpone our match. At the same time, I wouldn’t mind seeing my father return to his position so the school can return to normal, but…”

Suddenly, within the empty special building, someone new had arrived.

“Hello hello.”

A lone man dressed in a suit appeared before us.

“This is my first time at this school. Do either of you know where the staff room is?”

“If you’re looking for the staff room, then you’ve come to the wrong place. That said, please excuse my lack of manners, but may I know who’s asking?”

“My name is Tsukishiro. I’ll be working as the acting director of the school for the time being.”

He waved his hand politely and gave the two of us a seemingly gentle smile.

He was probably in his forties, somewhere around Sakayanagi’s father’s age.

“Fufu, is that so? It seems that Mr. Acting Director has quite the poor sense of direction, seeing as how you just so happened to wander your way here. Or, perhaps… you had decided to pay us a visit after seeing the two of us meet on the security camera last time? This is the same place Ayanokōji-kun and I had used to meet secretly at the beginning of the exam. It wouldn’t be very hard for you to come here if you had always been keeping an eye on it.”

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As she spoke, I recalled the unnatural look Sakayanagi had given the camera last time we were here.

If someone had really been watching us last time, it would’ve been easy to lure them out next time we came here.

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Not only had Sakayanagi thought of this plan ahead of time, but the person in question seemed to have fallen for it.

The acting director simply smiled and ignored what she had been implying.

“You say very interesting things. Though, I suppose I’ve heard that this is quite the amusing school. I wonder if all the students here are like you? Either way, please, pardon me.”

The man proceeded to walk forward, as if he was attempting to walk between the two of us.

“Since you’re looking for the staff room, I suggest you go back the way you came. You’re in the wrong building.”