Is it true if I buy a group online?

Is it true if I buy a group online?

The other two teams could not fight well. Was there a need to protect them if they could not fight well? That was meaningless.

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If they had lost, they would have taken a beating and learned from their shame. That was the right attitude.

What’s more, the other two clubs did not treat FV as one of their own. They had never thought of sharing tactics with FV and had not shown any kindness. Since everyone was playing their own games, why should FV care about their thoughts?

The latest Weibo post was FV Club’s magnanimity. Not only did it help the other two clubs greatly reduce the pressure of public opinion, but it also slapped the faces of the comments of “cn ioi noob”.

Initially, the local players had nowhere to vent their anger. They were all scolding the clubs that had not qualified for the group stages. However, now that FV had won, everyone was praising FV. Naturally, they did not have the mood to continue scolding these two clubs.

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On the contrary, many people felt that there was nothing to criticize. They had tried their best, but were not capable enough.

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Other than that, no one cursed the photos and VLOG that the FV Club had frequently posted anymore. Instead, they were urging everyone to work harder!

Ever since they arrived in Los Angeles, the three photographers of the FV Club had been taking all sorts of photos and videos to upload on Weibo. There was no shortage of ‘late night poison’.

Most people felt sour seeing the FV team members enjoying such a good environment.

Did you go for a competition or a vacation?

However, after winning the competition, this mentality disappeared. Netizens now expressed one after another that it was only right to eat well and stay in a five-star hotel!

He even hoped that the official platform would upload more photos of the players and VLOG so that everyone could better understand FV Club’s life and training in Los Angeles.

At that moment, a new post caused a heated discussion.

“Insider news! It’s rumored that FV went to Los Angeles and spent the entire time there on their own expense. Long Yu Corporation did not care about them at all!”

“Today, I had a discussion with a friend from a certain club. Many people might be wondering why FV Club went overseas with business class and luxury hotels, while the other clubs did not post these things, not because the other clubs kept a low profile, but because there were some hidden reasons!”

“The official board of Finger Games only arranged for food and accommodation the day before the start of the competition. Therefore, according to the normal schedule, they should arrive in Los Angeles the day before the start of the competition. Long Yu Corporation was worried that the results of the domestic teams would not be good, so they took care of the domestic clubs’ food and accommodation for a week in advance from their own pockets so that they could adapt to the environment and play the training competition as soon as possible in Los Angeles.”

“However, Long Yu Corporation did not invite FV Club at all!”

“The reason is very simple. FV’s team has never been on good terms with the official platform. Everyone knew that FV was the club that Boss Pei invested in during the qualifiers. It was a direct competition with Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation. Both parties had conflicts of interest to begin with, so they did not like FV as the first seed.”

“Therefore, although FV Club arrived in Los Angeles a week earlier with the other two clubs, they were completely self-funded. What’s more, they did not play any mock competitions with the other two domestic clubs. They were managing everything themselves from food and accommodation to daily training!”