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His parents were also staring at their cell phone screens. They were grabbing red packets and sending voice messages to wish others Happy New Year.

The technology of cell phones had improved at a vast rate in this world. It was much more advanced than what Pei Qian thought. They were still calling and sending messages a few years back, but they had all advanced to using their phones to send red packets over the past two years.

Red packets of the older generations were usually a few yuan or cents. They were seldom over 50 yuan, sending just a ‘good intention’.

Pei Qian’s parents did grow suspicious about the new clothes and computer that he had brought home. However, he had already prepared his reasoning.

It might not be perfect, but he had paved the way. They knew Pei Qian was working at Fei Huang Workspace previously. Fei Huang Workspace was developing at a good pace recently so he managed to muddle over.

Most people brag about their position and income anyway. They would not think that Pei Qian would have any reason to do the opposite.

Therefore, they were not too caught up about money but rather... the house.

Pei Qian had repeatedly stressed that the house was bought for them, but they obviously did not have such thinking. They wanted it to be their son’s new wed house.

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Pei Qian, therefore, did not say anymore. Let them say what they want.

It seemed like it wasn’t enough for him to buy one house. He had to buy another one for them to stay in it with ease...

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Look at how things had turned out...

Forget it, i’ll do my best to lose more money in this cycle then!

Pei Qian started to play his cell phone with this thought in mind. He watched the New Year program on and off.

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Pei Qian had forgotten what programs were on during the 2011 Chinese New Year program. However, he was sure that he had never seen these programs before after watching a few of them. The programs had changed... the celebrities had changed; however, the boredom persisted!

As expected, everyone was grumbling that the New Year program was boring again

Pei Qian did not express much emotion. He knew that the New Year programs would get worse as the years pass by...