How to make money on Mi bear online

How to make money on Mi bear online

“Magical Crouching Start.”

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“A short distance start that explodes accumulated energy. That’s how I’ll hit you straight in the face.”

No assembly, no bullsh*t. Just a straight dash that charges straight at me.

That was Mr. Machio’s final blow.

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And since this was a match I proposed, I won’t do anything tactful like stepping around it.

Even so, I can’t use my legs much because of the damage to my stomach.

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Against the full speed and full force of Mr. Machio’s last lunge, I’ll just have to meet it head-on.

“Then I’ll unleash a full force right straight shockwave. It’s a great swirling spiral shockwave.”


“Yes. The shockwaves from the speed of sound fists that I acquired during these past three months of training. I’m going to unleash it in a huge spiral.”

From the breakthrough state, take a breath with Magical Breathing and regain magical power.

Then, I condensed all the magic power that was completely recovered into my right fist.

[Here, this… the entire venue is quiet. Everyone knows. The next one will settle everything. Everyone is watching. Which one is stronger!?]

The place was silent.

Even Elder sis Tsukshi, who was on the verge of tears, no longer made a sound.