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"Kuu, he's huge.....".

Albert had a bath towel wrapped around his waist.

Apparently Sudou's mutters were about his physique. I understand it now that there's a direct contrast.

The difference between them is like the difference between a middle school student and a college student.

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And as such, the difference between their 'weapons' should also be the same.

Or perhaps even if it's only by a little, all Sudou could do was to pray that the weapon isn't a big one.

"Bring it on!".

Showing no fear, Sudou steps forward.

As an alpha, he cannot afford to flee.

Albert simply remained silent. And then intimidatingly enough, he had Ishizaki take care of disrobing him.

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The veil that had been parted. Everyone, not just the alpha Sudou, looked on.

Now then, will a weapon worthy of a last boss show itself? Or perhaps it'll be a completely unexpected outcome where it's a surprisingly small one?

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Right now, a clash of the sexes has begun.


Ishizaki probably doesn't know either. Albert's power is finally unveiled at last.

"T-This is---!?".

First appearing before the eyes of the alpha, the true, hidden form of Albert.