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She made a show out of tilting her head to the side in confusion, as if to ask what other reason there possibly could have been for her to worry.

“I know you have that contract with Kushida-san, so I can’t blame you for being troubled for money, but man up and do something about it.”

“That almost hurts to hear.”

If I ran into a sudden, urgent expense, I might not be able to come up with the money in time. I hadn’t even been able to raise the funds to protect Kei from expulsion without help.

“You better not push yourself too hard, Horikita. A solitary girl like you has a tough fight ahead of her. You should look to join up with another group or find yourself an opportunity to bring someone into yours as soon as possible.”

“Thanks for your most exceptional advice then.”

She sounded a bit suspicious, but it didn’t seem like she was that worried.

Horikita was leagues ahead of where she was a year ago; As she was now, she should be more than capable of identifying her own limitations.

“Speaking of which, the conditions for merging groups certainly seem strict, so we’ll need to pay attention to that.”

“The point averaging, huh.”

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The longer it took to merge with another group, the more problematic it would become to average the points together.

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However, if you managed to max out your group size early on, you’d reap the benefits all the way until the very end of the exam. Earning six points just for reaching a single designated area would be huge, and you could even get seven if your group had the ‘More People’ card. Compare this to a solo group who would have to toil over every single point, and the difference was clear as day.

From the moment they were off the ship, the first-year students quickly set off without the slightest hesitation. And since there weren’t any Tasks yet, the second and third-year students would most likely do the same, choosing to head toward their first designated area once they were finally off the ship.

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When I finally stepped foot in the harbor, I decided to stand back and take a look at the general flow of things instead of rushing off to my destination.

I needed to make sure to set aside about an hour to an hour and a half for traveling, but there shouldn’t be any problem with waiting around for about 30 minutes as long as I kept track of time. If you didn’t have your sights set on getting the Early Bird Bonus, there was no difference in how many points you’d earn for arriving after an hour or so.