Is it true if Q is true?

Is it true if Q is true?

Well, I guess this doesn’t mean anything, that’s right.

“Go off yourself, Amanocchi.”

Aguri-san gave me a death glare while she is holding an unknown drink in her hand.

“I’m sorry.”

I quickly apologized as I sat in front of her.

As usual, this is where Aguri-san and I hang out after school to chat.

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However, seemingly out of nowhere, Aguri-san just texted me abruptly and told me to be here when I’m almost home. So, I just rushed to this cheap restaurant, and I don’t know whether I should complain or casually pretends everything’s fine. To be honest, Aguri-san’s mood is way worse than she usually is.

I didn’t order a drink. Instead, I just sat there with a stiff expression facing her. A gal with bright pink hair, wheat-colored skin, and perfect facial features, basically a beautiful girl. The type that shouldn’t have the slightest relation to an otaku like me. Incredibly, I don’t ever feel honored when I can hang out with her alone.

The reason? I think I don’t need to explain if you knew how did we talk to each other before.

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After we fell silent for a while, I decided to try my best and engage in conversation with her.

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“Ehm, it’s a hot day isn’t it-“

“Huh? What could be hotter than our boiling new couple? Unlike me, who is in the break-up stage with Tasuku, right?”


I had to shut my mouth after that burn, don’t I have a girlfriend already? Why can’t I still talk properly to girls? Things got bad at this point; I think the best option when I’m up against a girl in a bad mood is to flee.

However, it’s too late for that right now when I’m already seated. If I dare to stand up and leave, it’ll like turning my back to a starving bear. I have to face her even though this is tormenting.

Facing the weird gal whose drink is a bizarre mixture of colors (I’m guessing she mixed a lot of stuff into it), I’m racking my brain to try and talk to her.

“I-It’s true that this is the first date in my life, but there’s a lot that I don’t know. So, please don’t hesitate to guide me, I-I can take the insults!”

“Ha! We have an innocent, loving couple right here, while I have made nearly no progress with my boyfriend for half a year. Then, I realized he is cheating behind me before I even get to say he treasures me. It’s an honor for a loser like me to give suggestions to the king of normies who scored a kill on the cutest girl in our school, right?!”