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“Hey, hey, hey, …didn’t I brought it up several times before?”


Facing Amano, who’s asking me with a dumbfounded face-

I curled my lips mischievously and answered him with a smile.

“I’m always terrible, whether it’s the past, present, or the future.”

“Sorry for asking you to walk with me.”

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“It’s fine. I just have to stop by the convenience store.”

I answered him and continued walking on the street in front of my house with Amano. Autumn in the northern areas is pretty short. When you feel it’s getting cold, sprinkles of snow will appear just after a while. Today’s temperature is low. I guess wearing a shirt and an autumn leather vest isn’t enough.

I rubbed my arms and thought about whether I should get oden in the store for dinner. Although I didn’t talk much to Amano, unbelievably, this isn’t so awkward.

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(Normally, it’s pretty awkward for me to be alone with a guy…)

Perhaps it’s because I don’t treat him as a boy. Even though it’s just my second time playing with him, I’m so relaxed like I knew him for a long time.

We arrived at the convenience store without saying anything. I stopped.

“Well, I’ll be leaving now. Stay safe.”

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“Alright, thank you.”