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“Roger that. I’ll follow your instructions, Yukimū.”

As Haruka responded to Keisei with a weird salute, the others nodded along, agreeing with her words.

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Suddenly, a loud noise resounded throughout the classroom as the door was violently flung open from the other side.

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“Oh my god! Everyone!”

Just as we were about to enjoy the rest of our lunch…

“Ugh. This is the worst…”

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Haruka had dropped her sandwich onto the floor, startled by the sudden noise. She spoke up.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you!”

Without attempting to hide her displeasure, Haruka glared at Ike.

“Something’s going down! A bunch of students from Class A marched into Class B just now!”

Ike spoke, full of momentum.

“With Ichinose-san returning to class, Sakayanagi-san is making her move…”

Mumbling that, Horikita, who was also having lunch in the classroom, stood up in a hurry. Without saying a word to me, she rushed out of the room. Seeing her leave, Sudō, Hirata, and a few others followed after her.

Tomorrow was the end-of-year exam.

If Sakayanagi wanted to make a move, she would have no choice but to make that move today.

To make a direct attack in order to bring down Ichinose after she’s come back to school.

“What are you going to do, Akito…?”